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Meet Your Founder:
:iconsuper-sailor-star:- Your Founder and the Commonwealth of Virginia!

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:icong2emily:- Your Co-Founder and the County of Yorkshire!

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APH-Underlings was created with the little guys in mind. No big countries here to boss us around and claim to be better than us! Nope!
Whether you’re a state, county, providence, or anything in between, we’ll be happy to have you~! Just remember to play nice with your fellow Underlings- we don’t want to have to call the countries in because you’ve started a war!

Anyway, if you want to join us, just read the rules and note us with your profile submission!

- Admin Virginia (Super-Sailor-Star)
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Welcome to APH-Underlings! We are a group focusing on Axis Powers Hetalia fan characters of places such as states, providences, territories, counties, cities, towns and everything similar!
Founded 3 Years ago
Apr 1, 2011


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Axis Powers Hetalia OCs

5 Members
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err... Please may I have permission to submit art? I tried to submit artwork and it wouldn't allow me to do so.
do you look for art your selves or do I have to add it? Just wondering that's all.
G2Emily Apr 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Feel free to add the art that you want to add :) We wouldn't want to add in art of your OC that you weren't comfortable with :D
Oh thank you.
LoveEmerald Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello everyone Hi! I just really want to invite you to the contest Aww More info -->… You can help with fund the prizes for winners too Sweating a little...
Er, would you update the member list?
G2Emily Dec 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Consider it done~ :D

[Underling Information
Name: Jersey[british crown, not the state.](Also know as the Baliwick of Jersey, or the British Crown Dependency of Jersey)
Underling To: England/ France
Human Name: Jasmyne E. Kirkland
Age: 21-22/ 1513(Because it has it's own money, languages but is still ruled by the british and french?)
Birthday: May 9(Liberation from German Occupation)
Gender: Female
Representations: Glasses; La Motte/ Green Island, Several curls; Écréhous

Height: 182cm / 6'0"
Weight: Around 56kg/ 124lbs
Hair Color: Light blonde
Eye Color: Light blue
Skin Tone: A mix of England and France's
Overall Appearance:…
Style: Casual, like a sweater over a thin long sleeved shirt, or a green jacket with black pants and brown boots for Formal.

Overall Personality: Cheerful, usually friendly unless it's to some people that she hates, has a tendency to swear in french, Jèrriais, or Jersey Legal French, polite, slightly snobbish, sometimes yangire/yandere(when she snaps)
Likes: France, England, St. Helena, Wine, Jersey wonders, or mèrvelles, America, swimming, the coast, music, India, snow
Dislikes: Guernsey, Bermuda, Bribing and lying, rude people, heights(she has acrophobia), moldy things, Fire, whirlpools, being hungry, Insomnia(she has it), the dark, horror movies

History: As a child her hair was more brownish, and her name was Eloisa Hawys. Was part of the ancient Duchy of Normandy. France was her big brother at this time, and in 500AD, England came. Her name and hair color gradually changed as a representation of the british influence. Soon after, she got england's eyebrows as well, like most british dependencies/colonies/territories. When she physically was a teenager, this was when Queen Elizabeth I died, and she changed her middle name from 'Katherina' to 'Elizabeth'.

In 1781, France tried to take her back for himself. He lost though. She still has a slight grudge on him.

In WW2, she was invaded and occupied by the German, until he finally surrendered on May 9th, 1945.
She now lives in the channel islands with Guernsey, and some other british territories.]

What do you think of it? owo
G2Emily Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I think she sounds cool! :D 
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